How to power up the wording in your CV

If you take a look at your CV and think it is good but still missing that extra touch to make it great – then this article is just what you needed. Learn an easy and efficient way to power up your CV and feel more self-confident every time you send it out to companies […]

7 ingredients of storytelling for your pitch

Have you ever wondered why it seems that some people are just magically good at presenting themselves in front of others, for example at a job interview or a networking event? Luckily, they are no magicians – but what they all have in common is that they mastered the art of storytelling. Why is storytelling […]

How to deal with job rejections

Dealing with job rejections is not an easy task. But sadly it is something we need to confront when we are in the search of our next dream job. So how can we deal with it in a more productive way? Make sure to check out 9 tips we have prepared for you. Nr. 1: […]

7 mistakes to avoid during your next job interview

Thinking about your next interview might bring up mixed feelings  The excitement of a possible new job vs. the nervousness of not answering the questions right and receiving a rejection. And we totally get that rollercoaster of emotions (we also have been there). That is why we want to share some insights so that you […]


If you are somewhat happy with your CV, but feel that an extra touch is missing even, we got you! The change you are looking for might just be in the design. Let us show you 4 things you can do to improve the look and feel of your CV. Tip 1: The two column […]

LinkedIn messages to connect with recruiters

We all might be very aware how powerful LinkedIn can be in our search for jobs. But even if we are aware of that it might still feel quite overwhelming to start connecting with people, especially if they recruit for-, or work at the company we want to apply to. We want to make your […]

How to answer the “Weakness” question in interviews

Did you just secretly roll your eyes while reading this question? Well yes, we get this question might become a little annoying given we have heard it so often. Nevertheless, it is still a question that is very often used during interviews so we might as well answer that one the right way. So how […]

I want to quit my job – what do I do now?

Resigning from your current job is a very big step and can feel very overwhelming. No matter if it’s because you want to persue a new career opportunity or that you just started to notice you’re constantly unhappy and stressed, you should feel empowered to quit your current job. But how can you communicate this […]

Feedback after a job Rejection? Find out how

Receiving a rejection is never easy. If you have been reading our content, we, of course, hope that you also know that there are so many possible explanations for a rejection that actually have nothing to do with your own skills – so try to not take them too personally. But still asking for feedback […]

The 5 questions to ask during your interview

“Do you have any questions for us?” Most interviews end that way and most probably you have found yourself in exactly that situation. So how do you go about it? Well, the first rule is: You should have questions prepared! Why? Well, there are two main reasons behind this. The first one is that by […]