Tips to Prepare For Your Next Assessment Center

When most people think of assessment centers, the first thing that comes to mind is the military. However, many businesses use assessment centers as a way to evaluate potential employees. In order to land the job you want, you may be required to take an assessment center. Here are some tips to help you prepare.

9 reasons to hire a career coach during your job search

9 reasons why you should hire a career coach during your job search

So, you’ve decided to look for a new job. That’s great! But hunting for a job can also be overwhelming. This is where a career coach comes in. They are professionals who know the hiring process from A to Z. With our help, discover 9 reasons why you should use the services of a career coach during your job search.

How to rock your salary negotiations in Germany

How to rock salary negotiations in Germany

Salary negotiations are a hot topic in the workplace. And while, of course, everyone wants to get what they feel they are worth, a lot of young professionals but also seniors still report feeling insecure how to best approach a salary negotiation.

This article will give you more insights into the German job market and what factors can affect your salary negotiation process. In the end, we will also share tips to help you professionally negotiate your salary. Read on!

CV photo: Tips for creating a picture that will leave an impression

cv photo tips

An ideal photo for your CV is not about perfection but about how an HR representative sees a job seeker. You’d be surprised to learn how much of a difference a picture can make. In the end, it can be a deal breaker for inviting you for an interview.

This is, of course, a rather complex subject, as not everyone agrees that CVs should have a picture, but in some countries, like Germany, adding an image to a CV is a very common practice and we thus recommend you to have one as well.

4 uncomfortable truths about your job search in Germany

Let’s be honest: Building your career in Germany can be difficult. Especially as an international.

But as with every challenge in life, once we understand it, we can also overcome it. This is why in this blog post, we want to discuss 4 uncomfortable truths about your job search in Germany, and also point out how to solve them.

3 habits for your daily routine to reduce stress and live a healthier life

3 habits for your daily routine to reduce stress and live a healthier life

When was the last time you felt stressed? Or should we ask: When was the last time you didn’t feel stressed?

We all have gone through phases where we felt stressed and not always stress has to be something negative. Sometimes it actually helps us move things forward.

However, feeling constant stress can have many negative effects on our health. And the best thing to do about it, is to not wait until stress has taken over, but already look for ways to avoid it.

Job interview questions in Germany: Tips and examples

Job Interview questions in Germany: Tips and examples

The interview is your chance to convince the company that you are the right candidate to hire. And preparation is the key ingredient. Find some of the main job interview questions in Germany and how to answer them in this article.

5 easy things you can do to grow a meaningful network

How many times have you been supported by someone in your network? Probably quite a few times. This is because having a network adds to our life’s in so many ways: it can give us more happiness, let us feel more supported, open new doors for us and even challenge ourselves. Especially within our careers, having a network can be a big game-changer.

But how can we make sure we build a meaningful network? In this article you’ll find 5 easy things we recommend you doing that won’t require too much effort but will bring big results. And you can use them to deepen existing relationships and foster new ones:

Jobs for foreigners in Germany: What do I need to know?

Jobs for foreigners in Germany - What do I need to know?

What jobs for foreigners are available in Germany? What are the key things to know about the German job market? What is the application process like in Germany? If any of these questions resonate with you, you are reading the right blog article. We’ll give you all the important insights so you know exactly what jobs to focus on.

How to get a job in Germany

How to get a job in Germany

Building a successful career and life in Germany is a dream for many people. Not only does Germany have a strong economy with many job opportunities, it also offers its residents a high standard of living, a strong social security net, and a good work-life balance. But to be able to enjoy all these perks, we need to do one thing first: And that is finding a job. So in this article, you’ll find a step-by-step guide for how to to get a job in Germany.